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To Sell or Not to Sell Abstract Art on Singulart?

To Sell or Not to Sell Abstract Art on Singulart?

Are you wondering if selling your abstract art on Singulart is a good idea?

Well, if you look up the best art galleries for contemporary art, you’ll probably find Singulart somewhere in there. You see, they’re not just a regular art gallery – they’re different. Their art collection features more refined or should we say, “shoppable”, art. So, trust that if you’re selected for Singulart, you’ll be reaping rewards pretty soon. Though, of course, the approval process is very stringent so not everyone can actually get in.

What is Singulart?

Before you try selling your abstract art on Singulart, you should take the time to actually learn what Singulart actually is. Basically, it’s an art site like Etsy, Amazon, or Shopify where you can sell your art – except that Singulart is solely dedicated to art. What’s more, they cater to modern art tastes, so your art needs to be on the contemporary side if you’re planning on ever getting approval. Their collection ranges from sculptures, photography, and paintings to even other art mediums, hence, you’ll probably find a place for yourself. And it's definitely worth it because Singulart places their artists in high esteem with their complete portfolios and journeys displayed on the site – so you can truly shine! Oh, and don’t worry because they don’t say no to new artists simply because they’re new – they’re more focused on the actual art. Thus, if you’re a newbie, you stand as good a chance as anyone else to get approved on the platform.

What Themes & Styles Does Singualrt Represent?

If you want to sell abstract art on Singulart, rest assured because they definitely accept that. In fact, they're not too restrictive. Their focus is the modern, contemporary vibe. Otherwise, they have many different styles, including pop art, portraits, landscape, and abstract. Thus, whether you’re looking to buy or sell, there’s really something for everyone.

What Does Singulart Sell?

Okay, so we know you can sell abstract art on Singular, but what mediums?

Well, there are loads of medium options as well. From sculptures, paintings, and photography, to even sketches – you will find countless options at Singulart. The art there is like nothing you’ve seen before. The photographs are a regular Instagram commodity – they’re only the works of some of the most renowned artists around the globe. As for the sculptures, they’re genuinely amazing – we'd even go so far as to say that it's the best part of the site. Though, of course, they can’t sell ceramic or glass sculptures due to their high risk of damage.

How to Sell on Singulart?

So, coming back to selling abstract art on Singulart, you'll need to first apply as an artist. Make sure to read through the guidelines so you know if you fulfill the criteria. The application process is overall pretty straightforward though approval is not as easy. But if your art is good enough and you have a track record of auction sales and sufficient recognition, you’re all set. You see, acceptance is selective only to ensure high standards and exclusivity on the site.

Get Inspired by Mota Montero

If you want to sell on a site like Singulart, you should make your art stand out, and that sort of fineness only comes with practice. But for starters, you should check other art galleries as well as our website to get some inspiration – and you’ll be selling abstract art on Singulart in no time!

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