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The History of Germany’s Holocaust Memorial Art Gallery

The History of Germany’s Holocaust Memorial Art Gallery

Memorial art galleries are a great way of preserving and depicting history. And Germany just so happens to have a Holocaust Memorial art gallery in Berlin. It serves as a commemoration of all the Jews that were murdered under Nazi rule. And it does a pretty swell job of depicting the incident. So, if you’re an aspiring artist, you definitely need to visit memorial art galleries like these to draw inspiration for your art – we promise it helps!

About the Holocaust

The Holocaust memorial art gallery depicts the genocide of Jews by the Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler. It’s a place of contemplation, reflection, warning, and remembrance of the six million Jews that were brutally murdered. And even if it’s somewhat of a controversial topic, it is genuinely great art that moves you, and really makes you feel something.

The Holocaust Memorial Berlin history

This memorial art gallery was established after much contemplation by the German government in 1999. In fact, they even organized a competition to design the memorial. New York-based architect, Peter Eisenman emerged as the winner, and thus, this work of art can be credited to his genius. The memorial consists of around 2711 concrete slabs spanning close to some 19000 square meters. The area is open 24/7 from all four sides which gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in history. The spatial structure is an abstract representation of the incident, so there’s also some room for personal interpretation. It looks different depending on where you stand. Also, it has an accompanying underground information center with victim names and locations. What’s more, there are themed rooms – namely the Room of Families, Room of Dimensions, Room of Sites, and Room of Names. Even the diaries, pictures, film footage, and farewell letters of the victims have been preserved in an attempt to fully capture the essence of the tragedy.

Regardless of the controversy, a lot of effort went into the making of this memorial art gallery. And you should at least visit it once to truly feel what art, specifically historical art, has to offer. It’s the fact that the artist has so beautifully managed to capture the scene even though they weren’t there at the time. Yet, they managed to create something so unique and inspiring that it continues to move people to this day. We bet you can’t go through the Holocaust memorial art gallery without at least shedding a tear. And that’s the true essence of art – it moves you; it makes you feel something inside.

Get Inspired by Memorial Art Galleries

Art galleries are a great source of inspiration for artists because it allows them creative exposure to help kick-start their own brain. And memorial art galleries are all the more inspirational because they just go to show how beautiful art can genuinely be. You can feel so close to a moment in the past even if you’ve never actually experienced it – that’s art. And if you need art tips, you should definitely visit our website here because we’ve got all you need to get started in the art form of your choice!

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