The Best Digital Art Ideas for Beginners

The Best Digital Art Ideas for Beginners

Technology is everywhere, including art. Although the digital art industry is relatively new, it

is growing quite exponentially. You see, it’s just so much more convenient because you

don’t have to regularly invest in art supplies and materials. Of course, you will need to

purchase a device that allows you to comfortably sketch out your designs. But then again,

that’s like a one-time purchase so not too much of a big deal. However, if you’re new to

digital art, it can get a little overwhelming when it comes to digital art ideas. You probably

have a lot of questions – we get it.

And guess what?

We’ll answer all those questions for you in this article, so make sure to read till the end!

Digital Art Ideas

Here’s a list of the easiest digital art ideas for beginners to help you get started!

#1 Fan Art

The easiest way to draw is by getting inspiration from something you love, like a favorite

cartoon or anime character. Start by drawing fan art and you’ll become an expert before

you know it!

#2 Logo Designs

Minimalistic logos are all the rage these days. And if you want to earn off of your digital art

ideas, this is a really good place to start. Try playing around with different colors and designs

and take inspiration from other logos and you’ll be good to go.

#3 Concept Art

If you’re naturally creative, then you should definitely try your hand at concept art. Just

dump all your ideas onto the canvas (or in this case, screen), and just work your way from

there. And the best part? You can change whatever needs changing without having to get

another canvas. Of course, you can alter traditional art as well but digital art is all the more

easier to modify, plus a lot less messy. Simply form your digital art ideas as you go because

mistakes are a myth. Remember, art is all for expression. So, just let it all out on the screen.

#4 Follow a Theme

Sometimes the best way to start is by establishing certain guidelines like a theme, to

effectively guide your thought process. Of course, there are no right or wrong themes but it

still helps organize your thoughts better. And then again, you can always turn to other

artists for some inspiration.

#5 Geo filters for Snapchat

Another great digital art idea is to design filters for Snapchat and Instagram. It doesn’t cost a

penny and is a wonderful idea to practice art, especially when you know that it won't be in

vain. People are always using filters, so you can rest assured that they'll use yours as well.

Just remember to share it and get feedback.

Need More Digital Art Ideas?

If you need more digital art ideas, then we recommend that you head over to our website to

get inspired. We have some genuinely amazing art tips for artists, specifically beginners, so

just click here – you know you want to!

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