Simple Abstract Art 101

Simple Abstract Art 101

Abstract is something that can exist as an idea but doesn’t really have a physical existence. But that's the beauty of art – it pens down what could not have been possible otherwise. It helps you express the parts of yourself that you were too afraid to show the world. It forces you to see things differently. And it helps you fully embrace your inner turmoil – simple abstract art brings your ideas to life and thus, helps you make sense of them.

What makes simple abstract art so interesting is the very fact that it does something impossible – it gives existence to the non-existent and it does this through:

• Countermovement

• Repetitive and surprise elements

• Rhythm and structural integrity

• Theme variations

• Sensual impact

A simple abstract art painting is not merely a painting but an experience. It’s all about the energy that you derive from the painting.

The Principles of Simple Abstract Art

Abstract art is based on balance, emphasis, rhythm, variety, unity, individuality, movement, and contrast. All these together work to create something that brings the intangible to life. On the surface, abstract art might seem like a mere combination of shapes and colors but it’s actually so. much more than that. – it’s the experience. There are no rules to follow for simple abstract art. Most artists just follow their gut instinct and go with the flow. After all, there’s no way you could go. wrong with abstract art. Like all art, it makes the viewer feel something inside them and it is this feeling that gives meaning to the art.

The Importance of Colors

Color is probably the most important part of abstract art. Its beauty lies in its vibrancy. The way we see and understand color has changed drastically over the years and we’ve managed to come up with new combinations that we didn’t know were even possible. Abstract artists use colors to their advantage by mixing, matching, and contrasting to create something from nothing. Of course, monochrome abstract art is a thing too but it’s just not the same thing - colorful is really the way to go. The beauty of simple abstract art stems from all the colors and thus, colors are indispensable in this regard.

Combining Abstract with Digital

Another great idea is to combine abstract art with digital art to create abstract pieces that are more modern while still retaining the actual essence of abstract paintings. Besides, when the whole world is being digitized, art can’t stay far behind, can it? You can even check out some of the brilliant digital, simple abstract art paintings and drawings by Mota Montero

right here!

Make Your Own Digital Art with Mota Montero

Mota Montero is a digital artist seeking to inspire younger artists and help them find their own place in the world of art. So, if you love art and want to do more of it, we suggest you check out our

website for some of the most amazing art tips and tricks ever – we promise!

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