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How to Sell Digital Art on Singularity?

How to Sell Digital Art on Singularity?

Have you ever dreamed of having your art displayed in a gallery like Singulart?

Well, no matter how hard it seems, it really isn’t impossible. You see, Singulart might be selective about the artists it allows on the platform but that’s strictly an attempt to maintain quality. And if your art has what it takes, you have a chance as much as anyone else. In fact, you can start selling your digital art on SIngulart in no time!

Why Singulart?

If you're a newbie artist, you might be wondering why you should sell your digital art on Singulart. Well, Singulart is definitely worth the effort because they genuinely value their artists. They pick out the cream of the crop and then work to empower them in the digital landscape. They aim to always promote diversity as much as possible, while still maintaining their art at a certain standard. Of course, art has no boundaries. In fact, it works to bring different people on a shared platform where they can come together to express their shared appreciation for an art concept. That being said, not everyone gets accepted on Singulart.

How to Sell Digital Art on Singulart?

Applying to Singulart as an artist is actually pretty straightforward. In fact, we outlined the steps below to make it even easier for you!

#1 Apply to Join

Before you can sell digital art on Singulart, you will have to apply through their website. The review process is around one month wherein they screen artists based on their national recognition as well their global potential. So, really, if your art is good enough, it will definitely make the cut.

#2 Complete Your Profile

Next, you’ll need to complete your artist profile complete with your details and portfolio. But don’t worry too much about this step because one of the representatives at Singulart will make sure to guide you through the entire process.

#3 Expand Your Collector Base

When you start selling digital art on Singulart, you can easily expand your collector base through their marketing and promotional campaigns.

#4 Start Selling

And finally, you can start selling. And no, you don’t have to think about shipping or insurance because Singulart will do that for you as well.

But Keep Working on Other Options Too

Singulart is definitely one of the best options for contemporary artists but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore other options as well. In fact, Singular doesn’t restrict you at all. So, you can work with other art galleries just the same. And even if you don’t get approved at Singulart, don’t let it dishearten you. Rejection is a part of life, and of course, there’s always room for improvement. Practice makes perfect, and if you’re doing your best, then you’re doing mighty well! After all, art is self-expression and you can’t possibly ever go wrong with that!

Make Better Art with Mota Montero

Mota Montero has all the best tips to help artists reach new heights, like selling digital art on Singular. So, if you’re into art, make the most of it by learning a little more about different art forms every day, here on our website.

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