How to Get Inspiration for Art & Design

How to Get Inspiration for Art & Design

Have you ever been a victim of art block?

Sometimes you really just can’t think get any art and design ideas. You want to work but you

just can’t because your mind is completely blank. Yeah, we’ve all been there – we get it. It

happens. But don’t worry because there are ways to work around it. So, if you’re struggling

with finding inspiration for your next art and design project, then this one’s for you!

#1 Get Educated in Art and Design

There are loads of free courses for art and design which you can opt to learn new

techniques and eventually become a more proficient artist. Working with different materials

and textures or trying your hand at a slightly different form of art might be exactly what you

need to get your brain excited again. Plus, art and design tutorials and courses are so

accessible thanks to the internet that it would be a mistake not to take advantage of them.

Hence, if you need a little inspiration, maybe you should start by learning a new technique!

#2 Get Inspiration from Other Artists

Many artists take inspiration from other artists for their work – and that's completely okay.

And no, we're obviously not telling you to plagiarize someone else's work. In fact, it's a very

serious crime to do that. But there's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from someone

else's art and design. This means replicating a technique, method, and/or color combination

of your favorite artists' work - and of course, after adding your own touch to it as well.

You’re not actively copying another artist’s work. You’re simply using one of their elements

(in your own unique way) because you think it would add a nice touch to your own work.

#3 Connect with Other Artists

They say that birds of a feather flock together. And it's true because we're essentially

products of our environment. Thus, it's a good idea to connect with others in the field –

surround yourself with other artists and you'll never find yourself short on ideas for an art

and design-related project. Remember, art is self-expression, so all you really need is a little

push to get back in the game. Art block is only temporary and you'll get through it – we


#4 Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Often, we can’t actually produce work because we’re too fixated on perfection. But at times

like these, it’s important to note that perfection is a false premise. There is no such thing as

perfect. Art is a means for you to express yourself. So, just let your inner child free – and we

guarantee that you’ll do just great!

#5 Visit Art Galleries

Another wonderful idea to get inspiration for art and design is by visiting art galleries where

you can find loads of different art styles under one roof. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re an

introvert because you can simply visit a virtual gallery like this one - it’s just as fun!

Get Inspired by Mota Montero!

If you’re still short on inspiration, maybe you should head over to Mota Montero to get

started – and we promise that your next art and design project will be a huge hit!

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