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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Fine Art

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Fine Art

Digital fine art has a bad name for nothing! It’s often considered a lesser art form although it greatly dominates the world of art, especially in its imaginativeness. Art is all about self-expression. It makes viewers feel something. And that’s exactly what makes digital fine art a supreme form of art.

But if you’re new to the field of digital art, you should understand the different forms of digital art before you get started!

The Forms of Digital Fine Art

Digital fine art has many different forms and cannot be divided into an exhaustive list. However, here we’ve outlined the most common ones.

#1 Expressionism Digital Art

As art basically revolves around the idea of feelings and emotions, similarly, expressionism also focuses on moving the viewer without using any words. It makes them feel something through the colors and patterns of digital art. Hence, there’s lots of room for creativity.

#2 Digital Photography

Photography is probably the most common form of digital fine art. It took off with the polaroid camera but has now advanced to a much different state. In fact, this art form has progressed to more than just pictures as films, videos, vlogs, etc. Yet all you need to get started is a simple camera, maybe even just a smartphone.

#3 Pixel Art

Pixels are used to create animation movies and video games. Software like After Effects and Adobe Photoshop can be used to create pixelated scenes. But the art form is super interesting, so you should definitely give it a try even if you don’t have any prior experience with Photoshop.

#4 3D Graphic Design

Speaking of Photoshop, 3D graphic design is an excellent example of digital fine art. Just like making sculptures, this art form involves the use of design tools and programs to make short movies and games. Plus, this art form has also been carried forward to the healthcare industry wherein it can be used to print 3D prosthetics – and that’s a perfect example of how art can make a difference!

#5 Impressionism Digital Art

Impressionism is big on real-world depictions that represent objects as is, but also not at the same time – that’s what

makes it special. Artists like Monet have worked in this area, though of course, you can also derive inspiration from other artists and art galleries to get started with this type of digital fine art.

#6 3D Digital Painting

3D digital painting is the art of painting very realistic images, such that it’s hard to decipher them from real-world objects. This form of digital fine art has been quite well-received on social media with several trends on platforms like Instagram. So, if you’re looking for a popular art form, then this is the one you should start with!

#7 Integrated Art & Hybrid Painting

Integrated art and hybrid painting, as the name suggests, involves creating art using several different types of media – from textures to software and everything in between! Hence, if you want your art piece to have a hint of mystery, then this is the art form for you!

Get Started with Digital Art with Mota Montero

Digital fine art is an art form unlike no other – it’s unique and that’s what makes it special. But if you’re a newbie to the field, you should start by getting some inspiration from our website here.

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