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Contemporary Textile Art: GV Art and Design

Contemporary Textile Art: GV Art and Design

Do you love clothes?

Well, we bet you’ve never thought of them as an art form. But guess what? It’s called textile design and it’s a genuinely incredible art form.

Textile art has practically been around for centuries, although brands like GV art and design are a more recent development. Humans initially started beautifying their garments in ancient times, and though the tradition has evolved significantly, it’s still a common practice around the world. In fact, it’s all the more complicated and involves different techniques like knitting, knotting, and weaving. Plus, some have even made their decorative garments into status symbols.

What is Contemporary Textile Art?

Contemporary textile art like GV art and design has actually come a long way from the ancient traditions of textile designing. Since the 1980s, textiles and even fabric have taken many new turns. The concept has evolved significantly over time to include quilting, weaving, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, and more. And of course, great designers never shy away from experimenting, and this has led to the development of some genuinely amazing designs. The art form of textile design, itself has been influenced greatly by social and political issues of the past and present. You see, artists take textiles as their canvas – they treat it like they would a painting or sculpture. So, when we say that textile design is a form of art, we’re not kidding.

Just like any other art, contemporary textiles like GV art and design explore new ideas through the colors, patterns, and techniques of textiles. They use different techniques in conjugation to create unique masterpieces that really make you stop and stare. And that just goes to show that fabric art is art nonetheless even if it doesn’t conform to the traditional standard of art. In fact, art isn’t bound by tradition – that’s the beauty of it. There is no wrong that you can do as an artist because art is meant to express yourself. All you need is a little material and lots of creativity and you can get started on literally any art form.

How Has GV Art and Design Changed Textile Art?

GV art and design is a popular art-based apparel store that sells textile art designs. Their innovative designs are a perfect example of the potential of textile design as an art form. The diversity, simplicity, complexity, and beauty captured in these designs are proof that art has immense power. You can yield it as you please to create something beautiful. Remember, your art is all about you – and there’s no way you could ever go ‘wrong’ with it/ Art can essentially be anything. In fact, it’s more about what you feel than what you see, and this is the kind of attitude that has led to GV art and design – hence forever changing the idea of contemporary textile design.

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