Mota's paintings talk. And every day of different things offering different points of attention depending on the moment.


This is what we call a dynamic approach.


As the days go by, the bluish works become warm in a Celsius recomposition in the way that autumn takes over the days that summer is leaving its own temperature.


Also something happens with the forms and what they mean for each one undulating like a navigation delivered to the current.


Mota often relies on his ability to translate. Thus, possessed by the webs of music, it generates translations into forms that occur only once, animated by an instrumental vibration that reverberates in the body.


The same with cybernetics, where colors drain freely through peripherals, allowing the stain to speak according to the artist's designs in this single vision, in this resounding guided chance.


Thus, this painting comes from a game.


Like all games, it is the only serious thing with definite rules.